When was your last roof inspection?

Some of you are thinking, "yeah, it has been a while." But most of you are thinking, "Roof inspection? I've never had one."

We Understand:

Your roof is one of those things that you rarely think about until there is a problem. But an inspection and a little preventative maintenance can keep your roof healthy for a potentially longer life. Scheduling an inspection by Concord Roofing is the very best plan. Call us today to learn more. We'll show you pictures and give you an idea of the overall condition of your current roof.

Metroplex Roof Inspection:

Our team is fully versed in almost every roof system available on the market today, and if there is any question as to the integrity of your roof, do not hesitate to call us today. We'll send out a representative to inspect your roof, and we'll alert you to any issues we may find. In most cases, ongoing maintenance is minor, but some things can remain hidden until they present a problem. Let our trained professionals keep an eye on it for you so that you can get the most out of your investment.

What Do You Know About Your Windows?

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Winter is a great time to get a "feel" for how well your windows are performing. When temperatures are low outside, do you notice cold spots near your windows? If your favorite chair or couch is near a window and you need a blanket, you may be missing the inefficiency of your window installation. Upgrading your windows can help insulate your home during the Winter and Summer, make your home more comfortable, and reduce heating and cooling bills in the long-term.

Waiting only Costs you Money!

The sooner you replace those leaky windows, the more money you'll save. By replacing those old windows, you'll save money on your heating and cooling, and also pricing is typically higher in the Summer when gas prices (think shipping costs) increase and make everything more expensive. Also, scheduling becomes a bit more difficult due to the high volume of projects that are started in the Spring.

Call us today to discuss your window needs!


Spring is Almost Here!

Schedule Your Upcoming Project Today!

There is no doubt that when Spring arrives, our schedule gets busy and we have less flexibility when scheduling new projects. Everyone seems to want to do there updates during the Spring and Summer, but if you schedule your project now, your project could be finished in time to actually enjoy it during the Spring!

Need a New Roof?

During the Fall and Winter, roof leaks can begin to show signs of worsening because of leaf debris building up on your roof. Now is the time to let us take a look so that we can ensure that your roof is leak free for the coming Spring showers. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

How About Painting Your Home?

Be the envy of all of your neighbors this Spring. Your home could look amazing before everyone else begins those annual projects to improve their homes. Call us today to learn more about our options and to schedule your next project!

Murphy Texas Shake Roofing Contractor

Unmatched Beauty and Classic Appeal:

We've all driven through those neighborhoods in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with those beautiful homes with wood shake roofs. In addition to the beauty, the built-in durability of a wood shake roof system is legendary. Concord Roofing and Construction is here to handle your wood shake roof's needs, regardless of what those may be.

Murphy, Texas Contractor Installing Wood Shake Roofing:

You can trust Concord Roofing and Construction to install your new wood shake roof properly. Let us take a look no matter what issues you might be have. We can help you make decisions to increase the longevity of your existing roof system, or install a new one that enhances the beauty of your home.

Even if You Decide A Change is in Order:

While we are properly trained to install wood shake roof systems, should you feel that a change is in order, we are fully qualified to replace your roof with shingles. This includes the process of decking your entire roof so that your new shingles can be installed, but allow us to take a look at your wood shake roof first and we'll walk you through the entire process and make recommendations for cost-effectiveness in the process.

Call Concord Roofing and Construction to learn more!

Wylie, Texas Metal Roofer

Metal Roofing in Wylie, TX:

Metal roofing systems are some of the most versatile, beautiful and protective roof systems available on the market today. With a myriad of colors and styles, your home or office can drastically change in terms of looks and efficiency. We install many different metal roof systems, from basic R-panels, to uniquely engineered systems designed specifically for your building's application.

Long-Lasting Metal Roofing in Wylie:

Properly installed and maintained Metal Roof Systems tend to last a very long time and can resist hail and wind damage that shingle roofs simply cannot. We offer only the best metal roofing products to ensure that your new roof is everything you expect and more. Call Concord Roofing and Construction to schedule a free estimate today.

Have a Leaking Metal Roof?

As we install new metal roof systems, we are also experts at diagnosing improper installs and finding leaks in metal roof systems. Once located, we will devise a plan to repair, up to and including replacing fasteners, penetrations or entire panels to ensure that your leaking metal roof is repaired properly the first time. Don't just let another contractor climb onto your roof with a bucket of mastic or other quick-patch materials before calling us. Metal roofs tend to absorb heat, shortening the life of these materials, and then your leak will just reappear. Call us today to learn why we are metal roofing experts!

If you live in or around Wylie, call us today to get a free estimate on your new metal roof, or a repair to maintain the integrity of your existing roof system.


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