Storm Damage in Wylie, Texas

Storms Are a Fact of Life:

We understand that you don't want to be replacing your roof after a hail or high-wind storm. But even if your roof isn't leaking, you should have it checked out. Insurance companies can (and will) use your roof's age and condition to calculate your rates, and in some cases may cancel your policy if it is too old. Unfortunately in Wylie, Texas we must deal with this weather-related damage more often than other areas of the country, but we are here to help you through the process.

Call Concord Roofing for Roof Repairs in Wylie, TX:

Our staff is standing by to schedule your free estimate. We will assess your roof and let you know if you have hail or high-wind damage that needs to be addressed with your insurance company. We are also highly versed in the process and will help you through each step.

You Need A Concord Roof:

Once the insurance portion is taken care of, we will install your new roof with high-quality products, and we will do it right the first time. Do not hesitate to call, and be sure to thoroughly check out the references and credentials of any contractor you may be considering. Remember, we have been here, and we will be here in the future. Trust that Concord Roofing has your very best interest at heart, and we will be proud to make you a very satisfied customer.

Flat Roofing in Allen, Texas

What Type Of Flat Roof System is Best?

When choosing a new flat roofing system for your low-slope roof, it is always best to get a professional opinion from the experts who can tell you why each system will work for you. Concord Roofing has installed hundreds of low-slope roofs, and we've seen it all. Our team is fully qualified to inspect your roof and devise a system that makes the most sense for your particular building, and your budget. We are professional installers who never cut corners, and in most cases we'll offer multiple options so that you get the best roof for your application.

Flat Roof Systems are Not All Alike:

As you begin looking into the many options available for your low-slope roofing application, you'll quickly learn that there are many options from which to choose. You'll find older roofing technologies that has proven themselves over time, and newer options that utilize the latest in technological advances to save you money on cooling expenses while reducing the thermal shock of the heating and cooling of the roof membrane. We'll help guide you through the maze and are happy to make recommendations based on your needs and desires. Call us today for a free estimate on your low-slope roof in and around Allen, Texas.

Wylie, Texas Painting Contractor

How Great Would Your Home in Wylie, Texas Look with New Paint?!

If it has been a while since your home has been painted, it's time to take a detailed look around to see how time has faded your paint, and how different your home or office looks. The details are easy to miss because you're seeing the changes happen slowly over time, but as a first impression, we understand the outward appearance of your home or business is important. And we're here to help.

What to Look For:

If you walk around the exterior of your home and find areas where the paint is cracking, peeling or faded more than others, it's time to call us. Any of these conditions can lead to rotting wood, which will almost always require replacement of the wood behind it. If you touch it and it is spongy, it means water has already infiltrated and the wood will need to be replaced. These things always get worse, so the sooner you take care of it, the lower the cost will be. Any of these conditions will require a professional look, and calling us today will ensure that you are staying on top of it before it gets worse.

Concord Roofing and Construction serves Wylie, Texas with excellent paint products and exceptional service. Call us today for a free estimate and learn all that we can do for you.

Metal Roofing in Plano, Texas

Metal Roofing in North Texas:

Metal roofing systems are some of the most versatile, beautiful and protective roof systems available on the market today. With a myriad of colors and styles, your home or office can drastically change in terms of looks and efficiency. We install many different metal roof systems, from basic R-panels, to uniquely engineered systems designed specifically for your building's application.

Long-Lasting Metal Roofing in Plano:

Properly installed and maintained Metal Roof Systems tend to last a very long time and can resist hail and wind damage that shingle roofs simply cannot. We offer only the best metal roofing products to ensure that your new roof is everything you expect and more. Call Concord Roofing and Construction to schedule a free estimate today.

Have a Leaking Metal Roof?

As we install new metal roof systems, we are also experts at diagnosing improper installs and finding leaks in metal roof systems. Once located, we will devise a plan to repair, up to and including replacing fasteners, penetrations or entire panels to ensure that your leaking metal roof is repaired properly the first time. Don't just let another contractor climb onto your roof with a bucket of mastic or other quick-patch materials before calling us. Metal roofs tend to absorb heat, shortening the life of these materials, and then your leak will just reappear. Call us today to learn why we are metal roofing experts!

Murphy, Texas Gutter Contractor

Gutters Installed With your New Roof:

Most often we install new gutter systems at the same time we install a new roof. As you are receiving the estimate for your roof, we will also assess your home's gutter system and recommend additions or corrections that may be necessary to maximize your gutter's effectiveness. The staff at Concord Roofing and Construction is experienced with all types of gutter systems and we will ensure that yours is working properly.

Can You Add Gutters When You Don't Need a New Roof?

Absolutely! Allow us to take a look and measure your home for a new gutter system. We'll make recommendations on types, sizes and make sure that your new system displaces all of the water necessary. Call us today!

Is it possible to seal a gutter system?

Under most circumstances, a leaking gutter can be repaired without replacing the entire system, but there are many different types, so we will need to take a look. We'll do everything possible to save you money with a solution that fits your needs.


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