Interior Painting in Allen, Texas

It's Easy to Ignore:

As you walk through your home on a daily basis, it is easy to overlook the little details that make your home look worn out or damaged. Your drywall and paint can be damaged by small bumps, pets and everyday use. This causes your home to look less than it's best, but we are here to help.

New Paint, New View:

Concord Roofing also offers interior and exterior painting to keep your home looking like new. Our team will help you decide on colors and styles and help you choose quality products that can reduce maintenance time and costs associated.

How Long Have You Wanted To Paint?

We know you've done it before. We all have. You decide to paint your home, and when you get about 1/3 of the way through the project, you begin to wish you had hired someone to do it. The great thing about that is that you can simply sit back and watch the transformation while we handle the tough work. Our professional staff will paint your home quickly, to spec, and ensure that your belongings, floors and unpainted areas are protected.

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Murphy, Texas Commercial Roofing

Low-Slope Commercial Roofing - Murphy, Tx

Commercial roofing systems can be complicated. The original design of your building, HVAC rooftop units, plus any additions during its lifetime can make it very difficult to devise a solution to shed rain waters properly. Our team is highly versed in many different commercial roofing systems to ensure that you get the roof that works best for your building.

One Roof - Multiple Options:

While modified bitumen can be an excellent product when installed properly, it is often a roofing contractor's first low-slope system when moving into commercial work. Contractors who are new to commercial work will often recommend a modified bitumen roof system for every project they encounter. The problem is that it is often not the best system for that particular project, but an inexperienced contractor does not know that. Concord Roofing offers multiple systems to ensure that you have options, and we will tell you which is the best for your roof, and your budget.

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Allen, Texas Roofing Contractor

A Few Things To Consider:

When hiring a roofing contractor in Allen, Texas, consider that all roofers are not the same. While there are many people out there who can install your roof, how many of them are going to do it properly the first time, provide a warranty, then still be in business should you have an issue in the future. Further, the Metroplex storms attract an enormous number of out-of-state contractors who come in to make as much money as possible, then leave town and on to the next storm. While this may not see like a huge issue, there is no guarantee that you will not have future problems, and if they have moved on, your warranty is essentially useless.

Our Promise:

Concord Roofing will do everything possible to install your roof correctly the first time by using quality materials and the workmanship standards that align with best-practices, and we will be here for you if you have a warranty issue in the future. Our team is proud to live here and serve our neighbors with the highest quality installations possible, and we have not intention of moving on to another area. We are proud to call this home.

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Murphy, Texas Hail Damage Repair

Murphy, Texas Roofing Contractor:

If your roof has sustained damage in the recent storms, call Concord Roofing today! You deserve the chance to work with a company that maintains the highest standards for each of our customers.

How do You Know Your Roof Has Damage?

The easiest way to find out is to call our office. We stay current on any storm damage that may have occurred in our area so that we can help our neighbors with their roof damage quickly, even if they don't even know it happened.

Someone Knocked On Your Door and Told You?

Be very, very careful of the companies who are canvassing neighborhoods to offer roofing services. Unfortunately hail and wind storms can bring out some very unscrupulous "contractors" from all across the United States who specialize in taken your money, giving you the run-around and leaving town with your hard earned cash. Dealing with a reputable company means that you'll get exactly what you pay for without all of the hassle that can come with being ripped off.


Concord Roofing is a reputable local company who has been here and will be here when you need us again!

Recent Storms around Dallas - Fort Worth

Here We Go Again!

Yes, it is hail season once again, and we are experiencing some of those annual storms that roll through and cause damage to your roof and exterior of your home or office. Be sure to call Concord Roofing for all of your exterior needs so that we can take care of any damage you have quickly, before it gets worse.

There is a Better Way:

We know that you have dealt with contractors in the past who left you high and dry, broken promises, blown deadlines and maybe even skipped town with your money. Concord Roofing is not one of those contractors. We will always be up front and completely above-board with each and every customer we have. We want nothing more than to help our neighbors (just like you) get their homes back into shape so that they can go back to their busy lives.

Free Estimates:

It only takes a phone call. We will come to your home or office and assess the condition of your roof and provide you with all of the information you'll need to make an informed decision. It is likely that you will have multiple options to choose from, and we are happy to walk you through the benefits of each. Call us today to get us started! We look forward to hearing from you!




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