Hiring A Roofer in the Metroplex

If you have lived in the Metroplex for any length of time, you may have had to deal with re-roofing your home because of hail or high winds. We understand that it can be a daunting task to find and decide on a roofing company to take on a project that protects your most important asset. The list below can help ensure that your project goes smoothly and meets your expectations:

  • Choose a contractor who is local, and has a verifiable history in the area.
  • Look at reviews for the company, not just the ones on the BBB or the company's website.
  • Ask for photos of completed projects.
  • Ask for references from actual customers, then call all of them to verify their experiences.
  • Go with your gut. If you feel like the contractor is "shady," there is a reasonable chance that you might be right.

Last but not least, Call Concord Roofing for any project you may have in the Metroplex! We offer all of the items above to ensure that you are comfortable with us before we get started, then a very satisfied customer when your project is complete.

Wylie, Texas Roof Repair

Repair Your Roof Or Replace?

When your roof is damaged by a storm, or leaking when it rains, it is time to call Concord Roofing and Construction! Our team is ready to take on any roofing issue you may have. We are happy to take a look at your roof's problems and let you know if a repair might be a viable solution to buying yourself some time before a full replacement is necessary.

We'll tell you the truth about your roof's condition:

You should always have Concord Roofing and Construction take a look at your leaking shingle or low-slope roof. In many cases a leaking roof can be repaired, and we will tell you the truth about your roof and show you all options that you may have for stopping those leaks. We know that a roof leak rarely shows up at an opportune time, so we are here to help you make an informed decision about how to handle it. If a repair is possible, we will let you know so that you can potentially avoid a costly replacement.

Roof Repair in Wylie, Texas:

We have a long list of satisfied customers in Wylie, and it's pretty likely that one of your friends or family are on it. We are proud to help our neighbors here get the most out of their roofing systems, and we can help you too. Call us today to schedule a free appointment and we'll take a look and see what we can do to get your roof back on track.

Plano, Texas Shingle Roofing

Fully Qualified For Your Next Project:

Our highly trained staff is waiting to hear from you today! Call us to schedule your free estimate in Plano, and we'll come take a look at any issues you might be having. We will likely provide options that you might not have thought of, including repairs when they are possible.

Quality Products Installed Correctly:

Concord Roofing only offers the very best in shingle roofing products, manufactured by companies with excellent reputations. But it goes farther than that. Our crews have installed millions of square feet of roofing, and over the years it has taken, it becomes easy to discern which products shine and which do not. You can trust us to know the products, and only offer the ones that will offer our customers the longevity and performance they should.

Let us Take A Look:

Scheduling a free estimate is as easy as calling us today. We look forward to working with you very soon, and you can rest assured that your next prject is in good hands when you trust Concord Roofing in Plano, Texas!

Murphy, Texas Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor in Murphy, Texas

If you are looking for roofing services, commercial or residential, in Murphy, Texas, call Concord Roofing and Construction today to see all that we can do for you. Our team is the very best in the area, and we look forward to making you a very satisfied customer!

Shingle Roofing:

Our shingle roofing team is fully trained to install just about any brand or style of shingle for your home or office. We will never cut corners, and you can rest assured that your new roof will last for many years to come.

Low-Slope Roofing:

Low-Slope roofing is one of the most complicated roof systems to install, with varying degree of difficulty depending on the complexity of your building design. We pride ourselves on installing many different system options for low-slope to ensure that you have options for budget, longevity and reflectivity. Ask about our roof coatings that can potentially extend the life of many low-slope roof systems without the expense of replacement.

Gutter Systems:

If your gutter system is broken, under-performing or you don't currently have a gutter system, call us today to see what we can do for you. We will assess your needs and help you come up with a plan to repair, replace or install a new system.

Hail Damage Repair in Dallas - Fort Worth

It's Storm Season Again!

If you have lived in the Metroplex for any length of time, your home, or those of friends and family, have been hit by hail or high winds. Unfortunately many contractors roll into town following a storm and prey on unsuspecting homeowners. They slap roofs on quickly with little regard for the longevity of the roof system, leaving a long list of unhappy customers in their wake. They don't care about their reputation because by the time you realize what they have done, they have moved on to the next storm with your money.

We're From Plano, Texas & Serve All Of D/FW:

Unlike most contractors you'll see around town after a storm hits, Concord Roofing & Construction was born here and we stay here. The one question you need to ask yourself is "Where is my contractor going to be if I have a problem a year from now." The answer with Concord is, "We'll be right here, just like we were before the storm." We live here, we work here and are not going anywhere. You can trust your new roof to Concord.

We Don't Cut Corners:

Our staff is instructed to never cut corners. We will not sacrifice quality to make an extra buck, and always do our best to install your roof properly the first time. Obviously this takes extra work, and we are here to do the hard work to keep you happy, and recommending us to friends and family.

Let's Get Your Home Back in Shape:

When you call Concord Roofing, you can bank on the fact that we are a professional company who cares about your home and family. Allow us the opportunity to make you a very satisfied customer by calling for a free estimate today. We will help walk you through the insurance maze to get your home back to normal so that you can go about your daily business.

Call Concord Roofing & Construction for a Free Estimate:


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