Metroplex Gutter Contractor

Gutter Systems in The Metroplex:

In addition to the safety concerns of working from heights, installing gutters is a tricky thing to do. If you are considering replacing your gutters (or adding new ones) in the entire Dallas / Ft. Worth area, be sure to call Concord Roofing & Construction. Our team of professionals are ready to add gutters to your current roof, or install them alongside your new roof installation.

Gutters to Protect:

Gutters protect your home by keeping water flowing in the right direction. Roofs are large, and that amount of surface area catches a lot of rainwater in a small amount of time. As water flows from your rooftop, gutters catch it and guide it away from your home so that proper drainage of your property can be achieved. This keeps you from getting wet when you walk out your front door, and drives water away from walkways where it can build up and get your feet wet. A professional gutter installer like Concord Roofing and Construction can help you decide the best way to install gutters on your building, and just how to direct the flow.

We are Gutter Professionals:

Concord Roofing and Construction is an experienced roofing contractor who has been working with gutter systems for our customers in the D/FW Metroplex with outstanding results. We offer free estimates, quick, quality installations and will clean up your jobsite like we weren't even there. Call us today to learn more about our gutter services today. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

Window Replacements in Murphy, TX

Neighbors in Murphy, TX!

Call us about window options for your home!

If you live in an older home in need of replacement windows to increase efficiency, or simply want to change to look of your home or office, call Concord today to see what we have to offer. We are pleased to serve Wylie, Texas with quality window replacements and installations.

Take a Good Look:

If you have done any research on replacement window options, you will have noticed that since the last time you installed windows, things have changed a bit. Technology has advanced a great deal, even in the last decade, and the latest window products are far exceeding the quality and versatility of even what was offered 10-15 years ago. Our staff is happy to walk you through every detail so that you can make an informed decision about your new windows.

We offer Skylights too!

Consider adding more light to any room in your home or office with new skylights! Emerging technology increases your skylight options beyond anything you may have seen before, and our installers will get it right so that you can enjoy them quickly without any headaches.

Call us today to schedule your free appointment: 214-299-6110

Wood Shake Roofing Contractor In Allen, Texas

Wood Shake Roofing:

There are few roofing products that create such a beautiful, unique look as wood shake roofing. It adds a rustic, elegant look to your home that will endure and outlast many other roof systems on the market today. Wood shake roofs are timeless, require little maintenance, and will last for many years to come. They resist many types of storm damage, and are generally more robust than other roofing systems.

Wood Shake Repairs:

Roofs eventually leak and there's no getting around that fact. But a wood shake roof is a long-term investment, and repairs are possible in most situations. Call us quickly to determine the extent of the damage, and allow our professional staff to handle your loeak quickly to prevent further damage and a higher cost of repair.

New Wood Shake Roofs:

Show off your home, and be the envy of your neighborhood by installing a new wood shake roof. Our team of professional craftsmen will walk you through the entire process, installing a beautiful new roof, and cleaning up after so that your property looks as if we were never even there. We take pride in every project we undertake and look forward to adding you to our very long list of satisfied customers. Call today for a free estimate!

Tile Roofing in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Tile Roofing in D/FW: Beauty and Functionality

Concord Roofing and Construction is one of the few professional roofing contractors in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex that installs tile roofing products. Tile roofing is a specialized roofing system that requires experience and dedication to install. Call us today for more information, color and style options, and we'll walk you through every step.

Tile Roofing Repairs:

Our team is fully versed at installing new systems, which gives us a unique experience to see problematic areas on an existing tile roof. Leaks on tile roofs are solved in very specific ways, and the average roofing contractor is simply not equipped to diagnose and resolve these issues. Calling Concord Roofing and Construction will give you the confidence that your roof is in good hands, and we will repair your tile roof quickly using proper techniques.

Call Us Today to Learn More About Our Tile Roofing Services!

Wylie, Texas Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Contractor:

At Concord Roofing we pride ourselves on our highly skilled ability to assess your commercial roof's needs and devise a plan to repair or replace as needed. We offer multiple low-slope and shingle roof systems so that your building gets the roof it needs, not just the only one we install.

Proper Drainage:

In many cases, as buildings settle, the drainage expected from the original design begins to change. This can cause "ponding" on your roof, and a roof that holds water is often going to fail prematurely. We will devise a plan to ensure that your new roof drains properly and you get the maximum life expectancy from it.

Roofing Around/Under Equipment:

We have seen it all. Rooftop equipment is a major concern when replacing or repairing your commercial roof system. An experienced roofer such as Concord Roofing can identify potential issues before they become a problem and devise a plan to roof around or under your rooftop AC units, vents, etc. Let us take a look at your roof and work with you to come up with the best plan of action. Simply call us today for a free estimate!

We Proudly Serve Wylie, Texas with Quality Commercial Roofing Services!



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