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Homeowners who have never filed an insurance claim may be anxious and uncertain about the procedures involved or the extent of their coverage. If your coverage does include “replacement cost" covering damage from hail or other violent storm factors, and most policies do, you are entitled to a free hail inspection and assessment from your insurance provider. If you do have hail damage and do not call out your insurance company and leaks develop two or three years later, you are 100% responsible for ALL cost. Do not let that happen to you!!

What are your next steps?

Our belief is that you should have a reputable roofing company, like Concord Roofing, review your roof to assess if you have hail damage and are therefore entitled to a new roof by your insurance company. If you have hail damage, you will then need to call the claims department of your insurance company and file a claim. Remember, they work for you. If you want Concord Roofing to have one of our insurance claims specialists to meet your insurance adjuster, we offer that service to all of our contracted customers to help represent your best interests. Just ask us for details. Concord Roofing representatives are aware of the requirements of insurance providers and will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company, and with you to insure that you fully understand your claims process.

Who selects the roofing company?

You do. It is your choice of who you want to hire and use for the repair or replacement of your damaged roof. As long as you choose a reputable roofing contractor, most insurance agents will concur with your choice and Concord Roofing is a reputable, well-established roofing contractor. If you choose Concord Roofing as your roofer, we will provide any necessary documents your insurance company and your adjuster may request to assist in providing you a fair, accurate and timely resolution to your hail claim.

What if I think my settlement is unfair?

You are not bound to accept your insurance company’s settlement if it is not fairly aligned with current fair market pricing or an estimate for repairs from a reputable roofing contractor. If you require any assistance with a correction concerning pricing or quantities of material, we will assist you with your supplement or other corrections needed. We will quickly get your insurance company or adjuster whatever documentation is needed to substantiate the additional cost required to complete your repair/replacement and we will seamlessly handle this entire process for you.

How do I receive settlement?

In most cases, the insurance company will make your insurance draft payable to you and your mortgage company. This is common practice. You simply need to see if you can get your check endorsed at your local branch or if there is no local branch, then contact your mortgage company to ask how to expedite their endorsement of your check. When you receive it back, you then use the contractor of your choice.

What If I Need Additional Help?

Please do not hesitate to call Concord Roofing at 214-299-6110 if you have other questions or concerns about your estimates or insurance claim..


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