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Low-Slope Roofing in Plano Texas:

One of the trickiest roofs to work with is a low-slope roof system on your home or office. While traditional pitched roofs channel water in an obvious manner helping to identify leaking areas, low-slope roofs are often hard to diagnose properly and repair. On a low-slope system, especially those with AC equipment or hardware installed, once water penetrates the membrane, it can move laterally along the decking material, then into your building in a completely different location. This makes finding the part of the membrane that is actually faulty much more difficult.

Trust The Low-Slope Roofing Professionals:

Concord Roofing and Construction specializes in low-slope, flat, and commercial roofing. Our experience helps guide us while locating problem areas, and increases the chances that we will repair your low-slope roof properly the first time. Call us today for a free estimate and we will work with you to get the very best result possible.

Repair or Replace?

Even if you have multiple leaks in your low-slope roof, repairs still may be possible. The idea is to get to them quickly to prevent further damage, and trapped water can inhibit our ability to prolong the life of your roof. if your roof can still be repaired, we are the contractor who will tell you the truth, and we will quickly get your roof back into shape. If it requires a full replacement, our highly trained staff will likely offer multiple options so that your new roof is what you should use, not just the only system we offer.

Free Roofing Estimates in Plano, Texas:

Concord Roofing and Construction is proud to work with our customers in and around Plano. Call us today to schedule your free estimate, and we will show you how we stand out among all of our competition. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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