Hail Damage Repair in Dallas - Fort Worth

It's Storm Season Again!

If you have lived in the Metroplex for any length of time, your home, or those of friends and family, have been hit by hail or high winds. Unfortunately many contractors roll into town following a storm and prey on unsuspecting homeowners. They slap roofs on quickly with little regard for the longevity of the roof system, leaving a long list of unhappy customers in their wake. They don't care about their reputation because by the time you realize what they have done, they have moved on to the next storm with your money.

We're From Plano, Texas & Serve All Of D/FW:

Unlike most contractors you'll see around town after a storm hits, Concord Roofing & Construction was born here and we stay here. The one question you need to ask yourself is "Where is my contractor going to be if I have a problem a year from now." The answer with Concord is, "We'll be right here, just like we were before the storm." We live here, we work here and are not going anywhere. You can trust your new roof to Concord.

We Don't Cut Corners:

Our staff is instructed to never cut corners. We will not sacrifice quality to make an extra buck, and always do our best to install your roof properly the first time. Obviously this takes extra work, and we are here to do the hard work to keep you happy, and recommending us to friends and family.

Let's Get Your Home Back in Shape:

When you call Concord Roofing, you can bank on the fact that we are a professional company who cares about your home and family. Allow us the opportunity to make you a very satisfied customer by calling for a free estimate today. We will help walk you through the insurance maze to get your home back to normal so that you can go about your daily business.

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