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A Few Things To Consider:

When hiring a roofing contractor in Allen, Texas, consider that all roofers are not the same. While there are many people out there who can install your roof, how many of them are going to do it properly the first time, provide a warranty, then still be in business should you have an issue in the future. Further, the Metroplex storms attract an enormous number of out-of-state contractors who come in to make as much money as possible, then leave town and on to the next storm. While this may not see like a huge issue, there is no guarantee that you will not have future problems, and if they have moved on, your warranty is essentially useless.

Our Promise:

Concord Roofing will do everything possible to install your roof correctly the first time by using quality materials and the workmanship standards that align with best-practices, and we will be here for you if you have a warranty issue in the future. Our team is proud to live here and serve our neighbors with the highest quality installations possible, and we have not intention of moving on to another area. We are proud to call this home.

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