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Commercial roofing systems can be complicated. The original design of your building, HVAC rooftop units, plus any additions during its lifetime can make it very difficult to devise a solution to shed rain waters properly. Our team is highly versed in many different commercial roofing systems to ensure that you get the roof that works best for your building.

One Roof - Multiple Options:

While modified bitumen can be an excellent product when installed properly, it is often a roofing contractor's first low-slope system when moving into commercial work. Contractors who are new to commercial work will often recommend a modified bitumen roof system for every project they encounter. The problem is that it is often not the best system for that particular project, but an inexperienced contractor does not know that. Concord Roofing offers multiple systems to ensure that you have options, and we will tell you which is the best for your roof, and your budget.

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