What's wrong with my roof?

How Do I Know What's Wrong With My Roof?

You may have seen some strange things, like shingles in your yard or leaks inside your home. Either way, it's time to call Concord Roofing and Construction. We recommend that you keep the shingle debris until we can take a look to ensure that they actually came from your roof. Once we have inspected your entire roof system, we'll be able to determine a proper course of action.

Things to Look For:

  • Granules In Your Gutters Or At the Base Of Downspouts
  • Missing Shingles
  • Finding Shingles on the ground around your home
  • Noises in your attic during rainstorms (thumping, running water, etc.)
  • Water on window-sills (check them all, including bathroom windows.)
  • Blown-Off chimney caps
  • Water entering your fireplace
  • Stains on ceiling or tops of window casings
  • Or anything else you suspect might be an issue!

Remember that if you have any reason to suspect a leak or damage to your roof, it certainly never hurts to call us. We will dispatch a roofing professional to take a look for you so that you are not risking your well-being by climbing on your roof yourself.


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