Diagnosing a Roofing Problem

How do I know I have a roof leak?

The most obvious leaks are the ones that are already dropping water on your floors in an area that you can easily see. It's easy to put a bucket under it to catch the water until a roofer can get to you, but sometimes those leaks are hidden behind walls, inside closets and other hard to reach places. And if you have an attic where you are storing items, it's important that you regularly check to make sure that your roof isn't leaking into this space and ruining the treasured items you keep there.

What's that Thumping?

When your roof first begins showing signs of a leak, you may hear a slight thumping on the ceiling or sheetrock above you. This is a good indication that your roof is leaking, and you should have it looked at as soon as possible. As the water travels into that space, it will eventually find a way through to the living space of your home, and if you can catch it before that happens, you can save yourself thousands in sheetrock and insulation damage. You also run the risk of developing mold in that area.

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