Leaking Skylights in Your Home or Office

Rule 1: Penetrations Leak:

Your roof has many penetrations. Vent pipes, ventilation systems, and many other things on your roof must be sealed properly in order for your roof system to work. By definition, a skylight is a penetration, and is prone to leaking when not properly installed, or if it gets damaged. We are professionals at identifying issues with skylight leaks and are happy to diagnose and repair any leaking skylights you may have.

Not All Skylights Are Created Equally:

Older skylights that were put into your home by a home builder are not likely as good as they could be. Over the last decade, skylight technology has drastically improved alongside windows, and we offer retrofits for those locations. Ask about getting a new, updated skylight that helps keep the sun's heat out of your home while still providing the natural light that you crave.


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