What Do You Know About Your Windows?

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Winter is a great time to get a "feel" for how well your windows are performing. When temperatures are low outside, do you notice cold spots near your windows? If your favorite chair or couch is near a window and you need a blanket, you may be missing the inefficiency of your window installation. Upgrading your windows can help insulate your home during the Winter and Summer, make your home more comfortable, and reduce heating and cooling bills in the long-term.

Waiting only Costs you Money!

The sooner you replace those leaky windows, the more money you'll save. By replacing those old windows, you'll save money on your heating and cooling, and also pricing is typically higher in the Summer when gas prices (think shipping costs) increase and make everything more expensive. Also, scheduling becomes a bit more difficult due to the high volume of projects that are started in the Spring.

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