Did you know that a metal roof has a lifespan of around 40-50 years? The roof will only last that long, however, if you properly care for this large investment to your home.

There are certain things that you can do to make sure to maintain the look of the roof and keep it that way for the many years to come.

Here are 5 tips for caring for a metal roof.

1. Make Routine Checks

One of the most important parts about maintaining metal roofs is that you make checking it a part of your home maintenance routine every few months.

Walking around your home and getting up on the roof every once in a while will help you know if there are any problems that need your attention.

2. Keep it Clean

Just like any other types of roofs, metal roofs need occasional cleaning.

This means occasionally getting up on the roof to sweep off any debris from nearby trees, dirt, and any miscellaneous kids toys that wind up stuck there.

You can even pressure wash anything that is really stuck on there.

This will help prevent the collection of moisture and ultimately a leaky roof.

3. Removing Rust

Metal does rust and that includes metal roofs. If you start to see rust start to accumulate on your roof, it’s a problem that you need to take care of before it spreads.

Using a wire brush can help remove small patches of rust from your roof. You can also try using other tools like sandpaper or a grinder. A combination of these techniques will get rid of that rust.

To help prevent that rust from returning or spreading to other parts of your roof, you’ll also have to treat the roof. Try using a rust inhibitor or a primer for metal roofs that will recoat and protect your roof.

4. Patching up Holes on Your Metal Roof

Over the years, your roof may develop small holes in it. There are ways to fix these holes without completely replacing the whole roof. Replacing the whole roof could end up costing you more time and money. 

If you do run into this scenario, it’s best that you contact your local roofing professional. The roofing professionals will help you make sure that you don’t ruin your roof in the process of fixing it.

A roofing company will probably start by cleaning and removing any flaky coating off of the roof. This creates a clean surface to begin the repairs.

They cut out patches of metal to match your roof that will cover the areas of the holes. The new metal will screw into place and get a seal on it before the final roof coating.

5. Recoating Your Roof

Give the metal of your roof a new protective coating is part of regular maintenance.

This process starts with a clean roof. You’ll also need to scrape off any peeling bits from the previous coat.

A new coat will help improve the energy efficiency of the roof. It’ll also create a barrier between your roof and the elements.

A Good Investment

Having a metal roof is worth the occasional maintenance to keep it looking in tip-top shape. With good maintenance, your roof investment will last you many years to come.

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