What are the Top Dangers of Ignoring Ice Dams on Your Roof

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Concord Roofing & Construction is a native Texas roofing company. We’ve seen the damage that bad weather can do to a roof and are always eager to help with storm damage repairs in any way possible. While we don’t always get mass amounts of snow in Dallas, years past have proven that unpredictable weather is

Roofing Damage Checklist After The Storm

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Even in the summer, Texans can face some pretty serious storms. If your home was recently hit by mother nature, there’s a good chance that your roof’s integrity could be compromised. Finding the red flags that you need a roof replacement is simple and doesn’t even require you to get up on your roof. After

How to File a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

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If You Suspect Roof Damage, You Need to Act Fast Dealing with a hailstorm or other weather-related calamity is upsetting. You not only have to worry about standard property damage, but you also run the risk of being forced to file a roof replacement insurance claim.

Recent Storms Around Dallas Fort Worth

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Here We Go Again! Yes, it is hail season once again, and we are experiencing some of those annual storms that roll through and cause damage to your roof and exterior of your home or office. Be sure to call Concord Roofing & Construction for all of your exterior needs so that we can

Dallas Hail Storm Roof Repair

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What Does a Hail Stone Do to Your Roof? When a hail stone hits your roof, regardless of it's size, it weakens the shingle's integrity and reduces it's life. While a roof system that is good shape has the ability to absorb the impact of smaller hail stones, larger ones are simply too powerful

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