If You Suspect Roof Damage, You Need to Act Fast

Dealing with a hailstorm or other weather-related calamity is upsetting. You not only have to worry about standard property damage, but you also run the risk of being forced to file a roof replacement insurance claim.

Roof claims can be complicated and involve a lot of back and forth between insurance adjusters and your roofing contractor. Concord Roofing & Construction has the years of experience to help you and your family negotiate with insurance companies and get a new roof over your heads, fast.

Here’s how we suggest you approach a roof replacement insurance claim after that next big Texas storm.

Assess Your Property Damage

Prior to filing your claim and starting the process, take some time to assess the damage of the storm to your roof.

The aftermath of a storm can leave your roof a dangerous place to be poking around. So, let the professionals inspect the top of your home for you.
Our roofing contractor will walk your roof, assess the situation, and advise you if there is likely enough damage to reasonably justify an insurance claim.

Always Document Before Filing

Before you file a roof repair insurance claim, take pictures of anything that’s damaged both inside and outside your home. Also, pull out any photos that show what your property looked like before the storm.

Your roofing contractor will help you photograph and document any section of your roof that’s potentially compromised. An experienced roofer knows how to spot hidden problems and will be thorough in documenting the extent of the damage.

Gather Your Roofing Contractor’s Estimate

Going into your insurance claim, knowing exactly what you’re asking for is essential to successful negotiations. Once you’ve had your roof inspected, your roofing contractor will give you a written estimate detailing the damage that you can use when you file your roof repair insurance claim.

Before you file a roof claim, make sure you have all of your documentation as well as a written explanation of what needs to be repaired and the estimated cost.

File Your Claim

If you know a storm has caused substantial damage to your roof, and have done the prep work with a contractor, your insurance agent can help you file a claim for a roof replacement.

Your agent can help you determine how to get your insurance company to pay for your new roof. If you wait too long, there’s always a chance you won’t be able to submit the claim. Some companies impose limitations on when claims can be filed following a storm.
When filing a roof replacement insurance claim, always have a copy of your current homeowner’s insurance policy handy.

Common Issues Faced When Filing a Roof Claim

Insurance Adjuster Inspecting Shingles

Despite the severity of a storm, there are times when the damage isn’t enough to warrant a roof insurance claim. If that’s the case, a roof repair is in order. Although you will be paying for this service out of pocket, your roofing contractor will work directly with you to plan roof repairs.at the most competitive cost.

Mishandling the Insurance Adjuster

While your insurance agent is the one who gets the claim filed, the insurance adjuster is who you really need to be on the lookout for. They are the ones responsible for adjusting the claim and essentially getting you your money.

Some mistakes to avoid with your adjuster include:

  • Using apologetic language while discussing your claim. Even in a storm situation, hinting you could have been at fault in any way could seal the deal

  • Speculating about the incident. Always approach your adjuster with the facts.

  • Accepting the first offer you get

Trust Concord Roofing & Construction to Get Your Roof Replaced

The roof replacement specialists at Concord Roofing & Construction have almost 20 years of experience handling roof insurance claims. We are an approved contractor for the top manufacturers and even have a licensed insurance adjuster on staff. We also maintain a long list of satisfied customers who took the time to review our past performance.

If your roof was recently damaged by a weather-related calamity and you suspect you might need a roof replacement, contact our inspection team. We will inspect your roof at no charge, document the findings, and give you a free estimate to start your roof insurance claim.