You’ve noticed the signs of a roof problem, you’ve researched and selected a contracting team for the job, and you’ve prepared your home for a smooth roofing job. However, you may not know what to expect throughout the roof replacement process.

Your family’s comfort means everything to us and transparency is the cornerstone of our customer services beliefs. Before we start work on your home, here’s a look at what you can expect during our roofing process.

A Thorough Inspection Process

Roofing problems can stem from several factors that may not be immediately apparent to a customer. Our roofing contractors understand the importance of finding your leak and creating a solution that prevents further structural damage. 

We will come to your home and perform an extensive roofing inspection that covers the exterior of your roof, the attic, the affected area of your home, and the state of your gutters. Trust us to find your problem, fast then work with you towards an effective resolution.

A Proper Assessment of Solutions

We don’t believe in creating unnecessary solutions to hike up your final bill. Honesty is one of our most important business practices. Once we’ve found the issue in your roof, we will give you the exact repairs that are necessary for the problem. No more, no less.

Shingle Repairs

If your roof is in moderately good condition, and you caught us before a real issue occurred, your biggest concern may be shingle repairs. Even if you only have loose or missing shingles, you should always trust a professional to make your repairs

We will quickly remove any damage shingles and replace them with equal materials that promote further roof strength and keep the visual flow of your rooftop intact.

Leak Sealing

Leaks can quickly turn from a minor problem to a major structural hazard. Trust us to professionally plug up your leaks to prevent further damage. We will take note of the concrete used throughout the remainder of your roof and match it for structural compatibility. This guarantees that our work on your rooftop is a long-term solution and not a quick patch job.

Full Roof Replacements

Sometimes, the extent of a roof’s damage means that the job calls for a full roof replacement. Your roof is what protects your family from the natural elements outside, and in Texas, where the weather is unpredictable at times, a strong roof is extremely important.

Concord can handle your total roof replacement and walk you through the process that includes giving you the best warranty in the industry. When we are on your side, you can guarantee that your roof replacement is one that will last for years to come.

Experience Honest Roof Repair and Replacement With Concord Roofing & Construction

Concord Roofing & Construction has repaired and replaced thousands of roofs in the Dallas metroplex area. We have the equipment and experience to make your roofing project successful and stress-free for everyone involved. We’re ready to help you make your house feel like a home again. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.