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Concord Roof installation in Plano

Concord roof installation in Plano is synonymous with high-quality roofing services. Concord roofing contractors in Plano specializes in professional roof installations, offering reliable protection for your home against all weather conditions. We work with various types of roofing materials, including metal roofs, as well as asphalt and slate coverings, to find the optimal solution for your home. Our team guarantees the quality execution of work using advanced technologies and materials, ensuring the longevity and durability of your roof for many years to come.

What’s Included in Concord Roof Installation Service in Plano?

Concord roof installation in Plano offers a comprehensive range of services for installing roofs to ensure reliable protection for your home. Our services include:

  • Conducting an inspection before starting work to determine the required scope of work
  • Assisting in selecting the appropriate roofing material based on your preferences and the climate in Plano
  • Preparing the roof surface, including the removal of old materials if needed, and ensuring a smooth, clean substrate
  • Precisely installing roofing materials such as waterproofing, dormer window installation, cladding, and other chosen materials, ensuring proper alignment and attachment
  • Installing or inspecting ventilation and insulation systems to improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture-related issues
  • Completing final details like roof insulation, ridge tiles, and sealants to ensure a weatherproof and visually appealing finish

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Concord Roof Installation in Plano Service Area

We offer roof installation in Plano, complete with a free inspection. Our comprehensive roofing replacement package includes material selection, removing old roofing, preparing the area for new material installation, installing the new roofing, ensuring proper ventilation, and thorough cleanup. You can rely on our team of experts at Concord roofing contractors in Plano. Our careful material selection process ensures durable and visually appealing options suitable for Plano’s climate. Plus, we provide a 25-year warranty on all roofing materials for your peace of mind. Check out our customer testimonials for valuable information.


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Why Choose Concord For Roof Installation?

  • Top 2% of ALL roofing contractors nationally
  • 5 stars rating company
  • BBB Accredited Roofer
  • GAF’s Golden Warranty – 25 years
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Prompt response

Cases Of Concord Roof Installation Plano

Here are a few of our roofing installation projects. As a top roofing contractor in Plano, our success is due to the good faith and skill of our experienced team. We also owe much of our success to satisfied customers who confidently recommend us to others.

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Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. If there’s something you want to know which isn’t here, please send an email to [email protected]!

What does roof installation mean in Plano, TX?

Roof installation entails the process of building or fitting a new roof on a structure, which includes preparing the roof deck, placing underlayment for protection, and setting the selected roofing materials. This meticulous installation is essential to ensure the roof’s durability and to safeguard the structure against weather-related damage.

What is the process of installing a roof in Plano, TX?

The installation of a roof generally starts with the removal of any existing roofing materials. Following this, the roof deck is prepared, waterproof underlayment is applied, and then the selected materials such as shingles, tiles, or metal panels are installed. The installation includes adding flashing around joints to prevent leaks, and the process ends with a thorough inspection to ensure the installation meets quality standards.

How much does a roof installation cost in Plano, TX?

The cost of installing a roof varies significantly depending on factors like the roof’s size, the materials used, and the required labor. Typically, installing an asphalt shingle roof can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $40,000. For the most accurate pricing, consulting with local roofing companies is recommended as costs can differ greatly depending on location and material preferences.

How much is labor for metal roofing installation in Plano, TX?

Labor costs for installing a metal roof typically range from $3 to $7 per square foot, influenced by the roof’s complexity and local labor rates. The overall cost for a metal roof installation, including materials, generally falls between $8,000 and $24,000 for an average-sized house.

How much for a flat roof installation in Plano, TX?

Installation costs for a flat roof can vary, with typical expenses ranging from $6,000 to $15,000. The choice of materials such as TPO or EPDM can affect the price, potentially increasing it, but these materials can also enhance the roof’s durability and energy efficiency.

How much does it cost for slate roof installation in Plano, TX?

Installing a slate roof is among the pricier options due to the high material costs and labor-intensive process. The cost can range from $15,000 to $45,000 or more. Slate roofs are exceptionally durable, often lasting more than 100 years with appropriate maintenance, providing long-term value despite the higher initial cost.

How much does it cost to install roof tiles in Plano, TX?

The installation of roof tiles typically costs between $10,000 and $30,000. This cost varies based on the type of tiles (clay or concrete), the size of the roof, and labor costs. Although more costly than asphalt shingles, tile roofs offer extended longevity and robustness, making them a worthwhile investment.

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