TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

Experience Exceptional Durability with TPO Roofing from Concord Roofing & Construction

Are you in search of an affordable, energy-efficient solution for your commercial roofing needs? We’d like to introduce you to the innovative world of TPO roofing.

Thermoplastic Olefin, or TPO, is a single-ply roofing material that offers the benefits of its rivals, EPDM and PVC, at a significantly lower cost. With heat-welded seams like PVC and UV and heat resistance akin to EPDM, TPO presents a compelling choice for your new roof.

Understand the TPO Advantage

TPO falls under the thermoplastic membrane category in the single-ply roofing industry, introduced in the early 1990s as a cost-effective alternative to PVC roofing. Comprising three layers – a TPO polymer base, a polyester-reinforced fabric center, and a thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply – TPO is recognized for its economical efficiency.

At Concord Roofing & Construction, we provide an extensive range of commercial roofing services. Our commitment is to deliver superior roof repair and replacement services while managing costs effectively.

Key Benefits of the TPO Roofing System

The most extensive independent TPO study to date highlighted brand-dependent differences in TPO roofing. It underlines the importance of careful evaluation and professional guidance in choosing your TPO roof. Regardless of the brand you select, all TPO systems provide these advantages:

  1. Economical: Often, single-ply systems like TPO can be installed over existing roofs, resulting in significant savings. Additionally, TPO is less expensive than both PVC and EPDM. 
  2. Flexible: TPO is designed to enhance various types of structures, making it a favorite among commercial building owners. Available in light grey, black reflective, and white color options, TPO lets you enjoy an energy-efficient “cool” building without color restrictions.
  3.  Durable: TPO is resistant to mold, dirt, and punctures, and it accommodates the movement or settling of commercial buildings. Reinforced TPO effectively manages a building’s thermal expansion and contraction better than other single-ply roofing products.
  4. Fast Installation: Lighter and broader sheets typically mean quicker and easier installation.
Choose Concord Roofing & Construction for Expert TPO Installation

Our vast experience in commercial roof installations ensures all-inclusive solutions for your roof repair and replacement needs.

We adhere to strict installation standards, and every roofing system we install is backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee for material performance.

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We take pride in the trust placed in us by our clients and our recognition as industry leaders. Whether your needs lie in commercial or residential roofing, immediate assistance is just a click away.

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