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3 Major Sources of Roof Damage Caused By Texas Winter Storms

3 Major Sources of Roof Damage Caused By Texas Winter Storms

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As you know, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex region in Texas has experienced over the last three months winter storms, winter freezes, and icy road danger warnings. Depending on where you are in Texas, if you didn’t get snow this February, we all did get a whole lot of something else that is not exactly as visually cinematic and beautiful as snow: we got a whole lot of ice. Many restaurants, gyms, and shops closed as fast as the February winter storm and icy road danger warnings got messaged into our email inboxes and cellphone apps.

While the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex can look like a magical winter wonderland in the snow, the reality for homeowners can be as cold and as dangerous as black ice on Texas highways and residential roads.

3 Major Sources of Roof Damage During Winter and Ice Storms in Texas


Ice Damming

Winter snow and snowy weather can often result in destructive ice dams. What is ice damming? Ice damming occurs when snow melts and the melted snow turned into water runs down the surface of a roof and re-freezes. Snow melts when the roof warms up from heat inside the attic. Snowmelt can also occur when temperatures fluctuate.

The melted snow which is now water runs down the roof and meets areas not exposed to heat, and the effect is, ice begins to form again.

When the snowmelt water re-freezes, ice forms, builds up and then begins to block what will become snowmelt and running water again, but now a “dam” or “ice dam” has formed blocking the water from coming through. This can be very damaging and destructive to shingles, which are meant to shed water, not hold water. When this water in your shingles re-freeze, this can be damaging to the shingles because the water now re-frozen back to ice can lift the shingles from the roof deck, where water can now enter through.

Frozen Gutters

Your gutter system works to redirect rainwater and snowmelt away from your roof. Therefore, the condition of your roof is dependent on your gutter system.

When there is a winter storm or ice freeze in Texas, the freezing water will stay frozen in the gutters due to drops in temperature. When you have frozen gutters – rain, snowmelt, or snow/ice that had melted into water accumulates onto your roof having nowhere to flow out. This can lead to new leakage points.

New Leakage Points

Leaks occur when there is roof damage. Roof damage can happen during and after winter and ice storms when the unpredictable Texas weather is changing and fluctuating.

When you have roof damage, it’s important to take care of any damage quickly before it gets worse.

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