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Dangers of Moss on Your Roof and How to Prevent It

Dangers of Moss on Your Roof and How to Prevent It

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Keeping a clean roof is an essential task for you as a homeowner, and you might find yourself hiring someone to remove the leaves or other debris on your roof on a seasonal basis. However, one type of danger to your roof that you might not be aware of is moss, which can be a danger to your roof even though it’s a pretty harmless material. You actually risk having to get roof replacement if you don’t pay attention to moss growth.

Why is Moss Harmful on a Roof?

You might not think that having moss on your roof would constitute a danger to your home, but the ability of moss to hold onto moisture is where the danger lies. A roof made permanently damp from moss may start to rot over time, and your entire roof might eventually weaken to the point that it becomes a danger to your family.

Regular rainfall can keep the moss wet and make it impossible for the moisture on your roof to evaporate. Your roof is designed to dry in a reasonable amount of time after heavy rain, but moss can make that natural drying process impossible. Moss may retain moisture on your roof even when it doesn’t rain, and it’s simply a humid week.

Moss Can Lead to Mold

Moss is a rather harmless substance and doesn’t naturally contain any spores or allergens. Unfortunately, moss that lingers on your roof for many months or years may lead to the growth of mold, which can be a highly toxic substance that may also permanently damage your roof and require that you call up a roof repair company.

Mold grows when there is excess moisture, and moss is an ideal way to keep your roof moist and to turn it into a haven for mold growth. Making sure that your roof can dry out naturally after rain or humid days is essential for reducing mold growth, and that means it’s important to do everything you can to remove moss as soon as you see it growing.

How Do You Get Rid of Moss on Your Roof?

If you have a persistent problem with moss growth, you may need to employ a cleaning solution to clean the roof and prevent new growth. A 50:50 mixture of liquid chlorine bleach and water is one option. You’ll want to spray the mixture on the roof and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, you’ll take a hose to rinse the area thoroughly.

Bob Vila’s website offers another option:

“Hose off the area with plain water, spraying at a downward angle. Then, use a long-handled soft-bristle scrub brush to remove the moss from the roof, scrubbing from the top down to avoid lifting shingles. As you continue, rub gently—don’t scrape, scour, or pound on the roof—and work in one small section at a time to avoid ripping, cracking, or breaking the shingles.”

Vila also recommends avoiding the use of a pressure washer because the force of the device can damage your roof.

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